BIM Modelling Services

Need to create 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM models for submissions? Our BIM specialists will create BIM models in your preferred software (.rvt, .dgn, .ifc) of choice.

Used by leading EPC Contractors, Engineering Consultancies, and Government Agencies around the world


Past Projects

We provide integrated BIM modelling services, supporting a variety of BIM software such as Revit, OpenBuildings, Archicad, Tekla, and more.


Our Services

Leverage our digital delivery capabilities to enhance your engineering project teams


Create BIM Models for plan submissions in your preferred BIM software or openBIM (IFC4)


Create immersive construction sequences in 4D BIM for tender bid or concurrent engineering meetings


Perform model-based quantity takeoffs directly from the BIM model with embedded cost attributes

Clash Detection

Combine engineering data from multiple sources to produce clash detection reports for project teams

As-Built Verification

Validate point cloud and mesh models against design models to produce as-built verification reports.

Scan to BIM

Create 3D BIM models and 2D shop drawings from raw data scans of your as-built assets

Here's what our clients have to say.

terra firma

With the help of Bimeco, we've managed to work with them to cover up gaps in our documentation by scanning some as-built structures to BIM. It has really saved us when manpower is tight during a labor crunch

Catherine Li,
Catherine Li,

BIM Manager @ TerraFirm

climate pro

The types of HVAC systems that are manufactured by our firm were really complex and needed to be modelled into our GC's federated BIM environment. With Bimeco I was able to get the support needed.

 Peter Tsai
Peter Tsai

Project Manager @ ClimatePro HVAC

Here's why customers love us

BIM Modelling

Simply share your files in the various CAD formats like .dwg and .dgn. Our BIM specialists will create the BIM models according to your specified LOD and LOI requirements.

Scan to BIM

Do you have an existing point cloud scan that you want to convert to BIM? Or do you want to perform clash checks between the as-built model and the design BIM model? Generate comprehensive clash reports for sharing with your project team.

BIM Delivery for Projects

Want to implement virtual design and construction workflows in your project? Work with our BIM Managers to create a BIM Execution Plan and implement BIM workflows like 4D scheduling, 5D quantity-takeoffs for cost estimation, and 6D BIM for facility management.

Schedule a call with our BIM consultants to assess your project needs.

Frequently asked questions

What file formats are supported?

By default, we support Archicad and Revit formats because most buildings are modelled in that software. However, a growing number of companies require BIM models to be exported in a localised version of IFC (i.e. openBIM). We cater to such requests as well.

How detailed will the BIM models be?

For 80% of requirements, LOD 350 is sufficient. However, for clients with additional specifications in pdf that they want to model into their BIM model, they can submit those files as well.

Is there a warranty period for the BIM models?

All completed models are managed via our internal file submission systems. We will allow unlimited modifications until the project is marked as complete.

Do you accept PDF drawings / point cloud files?

While most clients need to convert CAD drawings to BIM, we understand that some clients may only have pdf files to work with. We can also help develop BIM drawings from pdf files and also point clouds.

Will the BIM team be stationed onsite?

We understand that in some cases, you may need the BIM manager to be available in-person to conduct co-ordination meetings, and this is an available option under our plan.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Need to create BIM models and CAD drawings for regulatory submissions?