BIM Content Development

Create Detailed BIM Objects with Us

For 20+ years, our in-house teams have created BIM object libraries for specialist trade contractors.

Our BIM content has been used by thousands of companies in Singapore and beyond.

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How it Works

We support BIM output formats from Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Trimble, Graphisoft, and IFC.

Submit CAD Files

We work with a variety of CAD formats like .dwg, .dgn, pdf, and more and create them in the design software of your choice

Review Models

Undergo the review phase to ensure BIM models are up to standard before it is released to you.

Finish Models

Receive remote support for up to 1-month on delivery of the final BIM object

We know what developers want for their projects

BIM objects need to be modelled to a certain level of detail before it can be be accepted by the general contractor at project handover. We have the tools, automation, and expertise needed to get your bim objects right the first time


We understand how projects need to be modeled in real, large-scale construction works

Creating a single bim object is the easy part. Ensuring that there are no clashes with upstream models, and ensuring that 4D, 5D, and 6D information is embedded in the BIM model is a whole other ballgame. With our extensive experience in large scale infrastructure projects, we believe we are up to the task.

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Create complex BIM objects for Construction Documentation

With our expertise in modelling complex model objects for thousands of users, you can trust us to create and maintain quality BIM objects

Here's what our clients have to say

"With the help of Bimeco, we've managed to work with them to cover up gaps in our documentation by scanning some as-built structures to BIM. It has really saved us when manpower is tight during a labor crunch"
Catherine Li, BIM Manager @ TerraFirm
"The types of HVAC systems that are manufactured by our firm were really complex and needed to be modelled into our GC's federated BIM environment. With Bimeco I was able to get the support needed."
Peter Tsai, Project Manager @ ClimatePro HVAC