Bring Reality Data to BIM

Scan to BIM Services in Singapore

The leading Consultants and Construction companies in the world leverage our service to bring in Reality Data captured from Drone and Terrestrial Scanners into their BIM Environment.

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Why Scan to BIM?

Here's how Scan to BIM can be superior to manual 3D BIM modelling

Lightweight Models

Produce high-quality multi-resolution meshes that are lightweight and run fast in a BIM environment.

Rapid Data Capture

LIDAR sensors mounted on drones can efficiently capture your as-built assets into a mesh by quickly covering a large floor area.

Bring to BIM

Reality and Point Cloud data is output in various formats that can be consumed by BIM software from providers such as Bentley Systems, Autodesk, ArchiCAD, and more.

Clean Meshes

3D reconstruction algorithms ensure that each mesh vertice is optimally placed, creating a mesh with finer details and sharper edges.

Mobile & Web Optimized

Reality data can be displayed through mobile and web browsers, enabling seamless engagement with essential stakeholders.

BIM Support

Our team works BIM technical specialists help integrate reality mesh data into your BIM Common Data Environment.

Bring Reality Data to BIM

Realise the benefits of bringing data captured from drones and terrestrial scanners into your project

BIM for Asset Management & Operations

AI algorithms locate and detect objects within the scanned Reality Data, enabling workflows for asset inventory management (e.g. windows), and remote inspection operations (e.g. crack detection).


Bring Data to BIM

Most existing infrastructure assets are decades-old, and relying on scanned data can help quickly incorporate existing assets into your BIM environment without depending on missing or non-existent CAD and BIM data.


Simulation and Analysis

When running simulations such as wind flow, water flow, lighting, thermal, and traffic simulation, a BIM model may not be necessary. Instead, a scanned mesh of the existing environment can serve as a sufficient foundation to conduct simulations effectively.


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